See who officially makes the World's Best Marmalades in 2016. Huge Congratulations if you have won an award and thank you very much to everyone who entered. 

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MARMALADE VIDEO: 'The Marmalade Awards & Festival Spreads Orange Rays Across Cumbria as the Tourist Season Opens'

Film maker Matt Sharman lives on the Dalemain Estate, and we were lucky enough to secure his services for this short film showcasing the Marmalade Festival.  

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A Marmalade 'Run' & 'Peel of Bells’ launches National Marmalade Week on Sun 28 Feb - Sun 6th Mar 2015. Calling all Runners & Campanologists!

A Marmalade 'Run' and a Marmalade 'Peel of Bells’ will launch National Marmalade Week and Paddington Bear will start the race from the Dalemain Estate and a 'Peel of Bells' will resound around the country starting with the Great Bell of Bow, of Oranges & Lemons nursery rhyme fame. National Marmalade Week, overseen by the awards’ organisers, encourages people to try, buy or make marmalade, have a family marmalade making day, wear something orange and to help raise money for charity.

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The Girl Guides have been supporters of the Awards & Festival for eleven years

 Festival supporters for the last eleven years, read a bit about what the Guides do.  The Girl Guides will have a FREE children's craft Tent in Penrith on Saturday 19th March and Sunday 20th March at Dalemain as part of the Marmalade Festival

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Dalemain Wins Prestigious Hudson's Media Award

Dalemain Mansion and Historic Gardens wins prestigious heritage award for the Marmalade Awards & Festival Dalemain House in Penrith has been presented with a prestigious Hudson’s Heritage Award for Best Event.

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Marmalade Awards & Festival Audio Podcast

Keith & Lynne Allan (one-time BBC Radio Journalists) interviewing Jane Hasell-McCosh (Founder), Sponsors, Judges and Winners.

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Sunday 28th February to Sunday 6th March 2016

National Marmalade Week, overseen by the awards’ organisers, encourages people to try,
buy or make marmalade, have a family marmalade making day,
wear something orange and help raise money for charity

Marmalade Week 2016

Dora the Marmalade dog definitely approves of all of the recipes and photos that have been shared this Marmalade Week. Head to to see more!

 Is there something orange in the Dundee water? More Artisan judges share their marmalade thoughts

One of our new Artisan judges for 2016 was Jeremy Lee, head chef at acclaimed London Restaurant Quo Vadis, and expert food writer. He hails originally from Dundee - which also happens to be where Mackays, family marmalade makers and one of the largest exporters of our favourite orange condiment in Britain, are based. The Keiller family, also historically famous, also hailed from there. Dundee definitely knows how to bring out the orange fingers in people!

Here's Jeremy Lee on marmalade:

'The great addition to the breakfast table, elevenses, cakes, biscuits, pies, tarts, puddings, ice creams, custards, trifles etc - marmalade is fantastic!'

Sarah Greenwood, head of Hudson's Media, who inherited an East Coast Scots marmalade tradition:

'Marmalade week is a great way to get yourself a real zingon your toast and celebrate the long heritage of marmalade in the UK.'


At Home with Wavy Grain - because every family needs a marmalade day

National Marmalade Week has always been about encouraging people to make more marmalade, both individually and as a family. It is always lovely to hear that people are using marmalade making as a time to bond - just as Paddington himself suggested! So when we saw Martyn Whittaker, of Wavy Grain Wood Products, and his daughter Isabella's beautiful Marmalade entries for this year's awards, we simply had to share them with you.

Not only are they quite simply stunning, but they represent everything that we love about marmalade making - care, fun, and family time. Martyn explained: 'Myself and Isabella love toast, marmalade and making things together so we spent a cold, wet winter day in January steaming up the house windows making marmalade. Isabella wanted the theme Made with Love so she designed the heart labels on the computer and even carefully cut her shreds into tiny heart shaped to go into the marmalade! I asked her if she would make marmalade when she grows up, and she said she will, and hopes to teach her children too (and tell them she used to do this with Daddy!)'

Best way ever to spend the day? We think so! Isabella is 8 years old, and clearly has a bright orange future as a marmalade maker ahead of her.

Other family marmalade makers we love include the son who has made so much marmalade that he and his mother agreed he should not enter the children's category, as he might have an unfair advantage, and the 92 year old man who last year entered marmalade he had made using his mother's handwritten notes from her time in service. If you have any stories of making marmalade with your loved ones that you would like to share then please get in touch! Or use Shirley Spear's Marmalade recipe, below, gather up your family and give it a go!


Shirley Spear's Homemade Marmalade

Shirley Spear not only has some lovely things to say about marmalade judging (see below) but has also provided us with her very own marmalade recipe. Perfect for making her delicious hot marmalade pudding or marmalade souffle!

2kg of Seville Oranges
4 Lemons
4ltr Water
4kg Granulated Sugar
1 tbsp. Unsalted Butter

1. Place the whole fruit in a basin of lukewarm water and give them a wash and a gentle scrub.
2. Place the fruit, whole, into a saucepan with the water and cover with a lid. Bring to the boil and simmer gently for 1 1/2 hours. You should be able to easily pierce the skins of the fruit when they are ready. Remove from the water and leave to cool. Reserve the water.
3.      Using a sharp knife, quarter the fruit and scrape out all the pulp and pips, right down to the peel. Too much pith left on the peel makes cloudy marmalade.
4.      Add the pips, pulp and any residual juice, into the pan with the reserved fruit water. Boil for 10 minutes and then strain through a sieve. Keep the juice and discard everything else.
5.      Pour the sugar onto a flat roasting dish and put it in the oven at 150°C to warm through for up to an hour, while you prepare the fruit. This will make it easier to dissolve the sugar.
6.      Using a sharp knife, chop the orange and lemon peel by hand to your favourite shape. Machine cut peel makes cloudy marmalade.
7.      Butter the base of your pan with a thin skim of unsalted butter.
8.      Put the strained juice into the pan with the chopped peel.
9.      Slowly bring to the boil.
10.   Reduce the heat, add the warm sugar and stir over a gentle heat.
11.   Put up to 12, thoroughly clean jam jars into the preheated oven to warm through ready for the finished marmalade.
12.  Once the sugar has dissolved, bring the mixture to the boil and continue to maintain a ‘good rolling boil’ without stirring, for approximately 30 minutes.
13.  You need to reach setting point. To test for setting point: put a spoonful of marmalade on a very cold saucer previously placed in your freezer. Allow it to cool a little, and then push it with your finger, or tilt the dish to one side. If the marmalade wrinkles up, it is ready.
14.  Leave the marmalade in the hot pan until it shows that it is beginning to set. The peel will be showing signs of becoming ‘suspended’ in the mixture. Carefully ladle the hot marmalade into warm jam jars. It is handy to have a jam funnel for this job. Seal the jars. 


Our Artisan Judges on the Marmalade Awards:

To celebrate National Marmalade Week, we will be sharing the thoughts of our fantastic Artisan judges as they explain why they love marmalade so much.

Shirley Spear, co-owner of acclaimed Three Chimneys Restaurant:

"Marmalade has endless uses in cooking, apart from being my favourite start to the day on warm buttered toast. Helping to judge this year's Awards has introduced me to an extraordinary wealth of new ideas and interesting takes on the traditional recipes I know and love. I will take some of those ideas away with me for the future and perhaps develop them in other ways. I have found the whole experience energising and great fun."

Mark Lewis, Food & Wine Consultant:

Mark had this to say of his Artisan judging experience - "Jars and jars of marmalades in many different styles, with a fantastic effort from the B&B producers and overseas entrants. A fantastic but sugary judging session."

Laura Rowe, Editor of Olive Magazine:

"It blows my mind that you can get such incredible variety from a combination of orange, water and sugar. Whether a traditional Seville - beautifully bittersweet - or a modern innovation, marmalade sums up everything that's great about British cuisine."

And Jane Maggs, Patron and Award Winning Marmalade Maker:

"I love the imagination and ingenuity which goes into producing such an amazing range of interpretations of the term 'marmalade'."

Cranstons Marmalade Sausage - because marmalade is for more than just toast!

National Marmalade Week is the perfect time to announce our latest collaboration - we have teamed up with Cranstons Quality Butchers to launch a marmalade sausage. The sausage incorporates Cranstons famous Cumberland Sausage with a homemade marmalade by Jane Hasell-McCosh of Dalemain. Cranstons is renowned for its Cumberland Sausage which has a meaty texture and unique spice blend - ideal for coupling with Jane's Marmalade.

Jane, founder of the World's Original Marmalade Awards & Festival, said: "Jane's is my favourite of the Dalemain Marmalades. It is easy to make and goes back to when I was a child and helped make it with my mother. We always used a pressure cooker and the sound of it fizzing and the smell of the seville oranges is a very evocative memory. I am delighted that Cranstons, another family business with a strong food heritage, have chosen to use it in their marmalade sausage. Their Cumberland sausage is my absolute favourite, and the combination of the two is simply unbeatable."

Cranstons are famous for developing speciality sausages combining their award winning sausages with trending products. So far this year specialities on sale included Cumberland with Black Pudding and Cumberland with Sundried Tomato and Basil.
This year Cranstons will be supporting Hospice at Home Carlisle & North Lakeland by donating 50p from every kilo of Cumberland with Jane's Marmalade sold during the sale period. The Cumberland with Marmalade Sausage will be on sale in all six of their shops from March 6th for 6 weeks until April 9th.

Philip Cranston, Managing Director of Cranstons Quality Butchers said: "It's great to once again work with another local business to produce a one of a kind product. The World's Original Marmalade Awards is a fantastic local event with global support and recognition, so I am thrilled that Cranstons are involved. The Festival also benefits Hospice at Home, our company charity, with the donation of all homemade awards entry proceeds, as well as Cranstons donating 50p from every kilo of Marmalade Sausage sold."

Shirley Spear's Famous Hot Marmalade Pudding

We were thrilled to have Shirley Spear, co-owner of Three Chimneys Restaurant and Chair of the Scottish Food Commission, as an Artisan Judge for the 2016 World's Original Marmalade Awards.

Above: Shirley Spear with Scott, Head Chef at the Three Chimneys

Shirley Spear and her husband Eddie founded The Three Chimneys on Skye in 1984, and have never looked back. They won the Scottish Restaurant of the Year Award in 1990, and a whole string of accolades and complimentary reviews have followed since. Over the years, Shirley has become well known in Scotland for her pride in all things Scottish and has fought to have the Scottish food and Restaurant scene recognised for its enormous impact in the country's Tourism Industry. Now in their 60s, Eddie and Shirley remain at the helm of The Three Chimneys as Directors. The business continues to fly the flag for excellence in Scottish hospitality as a Gold 5-Star Restaurant, with a long list of accolades and awards achieved over the past 30 years.

Shirley is actively involved day-to-day in many things connected with the wider Scottish Tourism and Hospitality Industries, including chairing the Scottish Food Commission, recently launched by the Scottish Government and challenged with making Scotland a Good Food Nation.


Above: The Three Chimneys, on the Isle of Skye

To celebrate her judging experience, and National Marmalade Week, Shirley has kindly offered to share her Hot Marmalade Pudding recipe, a dessert that has been famous at the Three Chimneys since its inception. The pudding is delicious, and a perfect new way for marmalade lovers to enjoy their favourite condiment. Homemade Marmalade recipe to follow!

Three Chimneys Hot Marmalade Pudding:

150g fine brown breadcrumbs
120g soft brown sugar
25g self-raising wholemeal or white flour
120g butter, plus extra for greasing the bowl
8 tbsp. well flavoured, coarse-cut marmalade
3 large eggs
1 rounded tsp. bicarbonate of soda, plus 1 tbsp. water

1. Butter a three-pint pudding basin, preferably a plastic one with a clip-on lid.
2. Place the breadcrumbs, flour and sugar in a mixing bowl.
3. Gently melt the butter with the marmalade. Pour the melted ingredients over the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly.
4. Whisk the eggs until frothy and gently beat into the mixture until combined.
5. Dissolve the bicarbonate of soda in the water then stir into the mixture, which will increase in volume as it absorbs the bicarbonate of soda.
6. Spoon the mixture into the pudding basin. Cover with a close-fitting lid, or make a lid with circles of buttered greaseproof paper and foil, pleated together across the centre and tied securely around the rim of the basin.
7. Place the basin in a saucepan of boiling water. The water should reach halfway up the side of the basin. Cover the pan with a lid and simmer for two hours. The water will need topping-up throughout this period.
8. Turn out onto a dish, slice and serve hot, with cream, ice cream, thick natural yoghurt, or - as we like to do - with Drambuie Custard.

29th February: LEAP DAY - and we're feeling the love!

One of the wonderful jars entered into this year's Marmalade Awards was this beautiful bride. It seems very fitting to share this image today - and if anyone is inspired by their love of marmalade to pop that most important of questions, then we'd love to hear about it!

28th February - Wonderful weather for the 10k Marmalade Run.

National Marmalade Week was launched in fine style here at Dalemain, with the 10k Marmalade Run. The children's fun run saw record numbers, and the conditions for the 10k were perfect, with fantastic competitors and a lovely day had by all. Trail 26 had specialist T-Shirts, orange of course, and Mackays provided mini marmalade jars as a unique and tasty prize. Running, marmalade and sunshine - the perfect way to spend the day.


For more information contact Marmalade Headquarters at marmalade@dalemain,com  .


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